Sometimes I come back

Pubblicato: 26 luglio 2008 in Games

I want to try to write again on my blog (with my shitty english).

People never been here have to know that i’m a WoW (worlf of Warcraft) player, since 3 years, when WoW has been released in Europe in the middle of February 2005. On all this time passed i knew a lot of people and someone become really good friends…

For the circle of life ofc, someone of that are not playing anymore, i like remember Brynden and Avantasia the people with at level 20 i went in my first instance in WoW (never been before).

In 2005 after 6 months in an Italian Guild named ‘I due dragoni’, a group of friends: me (Malleh is my nick, Malleolorott exactly was 😛 ), Gogrin and Aderlock decide to broke the guild and bring with us the best people in the guild to have a serious guild to have progression in that infinte game that is World of Warcraft. We opend also to the not italian people and that’s was the real revolution of KoS.

Was October 2005… 3 years later only few people of that r still playing… but KoS are alive… close to Kil’Jaden and ready for the Lich King.

  1. Diego ha detto:

    Excuse my bad english but the  
    phrase "decide to broke the guild and bring with us the best people in the guild "is not
    correct , perhaps you should write you "decide to broke the guild and bring with us the best player in the guild "
    maybe I will not be a good player, but I believe to be part of best people of " I Due Dragoni"
    Thank you and excuse these words of mine ..
    My respect   
    proud member of I Due dragoni

  2. Antonio ha detto:

    U r right minuetto.
    I used the wrong word.
    I\’m sorry for that.

  3. Aderlock ha detto:

    We left behind a lot of good people in "due dragoni", was just a free choice to leave them to join that new project called KoS.I still love to remember all of you guys.Salute everyone still there.Malle turned to be a serious player for your info btw :)GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD NIGHT!!!


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