Patch 2.4, Death Knight, Hero classes

Pubblicato: 3 gennaio 2008 in Senza categoria

As you can see, Blue Posters are back in the office.

WotLK: Sacrificing a high level character to get a buffed Death Knight? (src)

"The ability to convert a high-level character into a DK, and carrying over reputation, titles (including legacy PvP titles), and perhaps starting at a higher level than the "fresh" DK and a unique title (like "Fallen Warrior" or "Fallen Priest")."

If you want to "sacrifice" a character, you are welcome to role-play it out that way, but we don’t plan to force this on players just to try out a new class.
I see what you are saying, the option is there for you to role-play it in such a way, but we have no current plans for characters and their items (which I’m guessing is primary concern for this) to be converted into a Deathknight.

Live Servers: Cross Realm BGs Broken on Bloodlust (src)

Yes, we’re aware and our network admins are working to address the issue. It is affecting the entire battlegroup.

Patch 2.4: No plans to add new Badge of Justice gear (src)

We currently don’t have plans to implement new Badge of Justice gear.

About Hero Classes (src)

We have announced and are developing the first (and currently only) Hero Class, the Deathknight. Because of this a lot of discussions have come up regarding future Hero Classes and the Demon Hunter is near the top of the "most often brought up" list due to its popularity and strong lore background.
Would a Demon Hunter be fun to play? Yes, but so would a number of other possibilities.
To be straight to the point: We have not announced any other Hero Classes at this point in time and we will have to wait and see what the future holds after the Deathknight makes its impact on Azeroth.

Details on patch 2.4 coming soon, No WotLK info (src)

I hope you aren’t holding your breath on this as I don’t believe any of this information (release date, talents, abilities) is imminent. Information and updates on future content comes slowly so please be patient while we finalize and iron things out.
Details on patch 2.4 will be coming "soon" though.

What is the direction Blizzard intend this game to go towards? (src)

"Can you give us some indication of where you stand with regards to the question of PVP and PVE and the relationship between the two."

We intend to keep focusing on fun, advancing the storyline of World of Warcraft and Azeroth and finding ways to continue giving players a challenge while making as much as possible still accessible. We intend to add siege weapons in PvP and we intend on continuing to make great PvE encounters.
There will always be argument about direction and many will argue for or against a direction as if it is the way to go or the way not to go, but World of Warcraft offers alot of things to alot of people and we like it that way. We want to continue to entice players to take part in many facets of the game.



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