Trainable Ice Block, Aimed Shot Change, 2.4 and more

Pubblicato: 9 novembre 2007 in Giochi

A major bit of news for Mages – quite possibly the biggest change that could be made for the class. Kalgan announced in a forum post today that Ice Block will become trainable some time after 2.3, in the near future (so probably 2.4). There was also an additional change to Aimed Shot announced, so here’s a quick recap of today’s blue posts.

Ice Block to be trainable in near future!

Kalgan wrote:

It’s a deliberate change. We initially felt like it was too quick at 30s and decided to test it out at 45s, but after playing with it for a while we felt like it opened mages to focus fire a little too much so we decided to keep it at 30s. It’s worth pointing out that making changes like this and later un-doing them is not at all uncommon, it’s just most of you generally don’t see that process in action since it often happens before the patch even gets to the PTR.

Since I’m here, I’ll also make a small pre-emptive strike against the incoming "what about other mage concerns!" replies I’m about to get and say the following.

Two things we’ll be making improvements to in the near future (although these aren’t likely to make it in on time for 2.3) are having iceblock be trainable (to make sure all mages have it as a tool for pve encounters and to open up other trees as being more viable options for pvp), and to-be-finalized improvements to mana issues in longer fights.

Mana Gems will receive a buff as well.

Kalgan wrote:

We do plan to buff mana gems, although I don’t see that as a "fix", just an improvement that needs to be made regardless.

Aimed Shot cast time reduced by 0.5 seconds in 2.3.

Eyonix wrote:

In patch 2.3, aimed shot will not only reduces healing done to the target by 50% for a ten seconds, but we’re also reducing the shot time by 0.5 seconds.

Bon appetite!

So what is the deal with Malygos in Northrend? Tell us, Bornakk!

Bornakk wrote:

Malygos is supposed to be the Guardian of Magic. After ignoring the world of mortals for so long he realizes he may have failed and is trying to right his mistake.

The fate of Malygos however remains to be seen…

So then Malygos isn’t killed, hah!

Bornakk wrote:

This guess you made is one option, the other is that he is killed, not exactly a long list of possibilities here.

So give us some 2.4 info then, if no Lich King!

Bornakk wrote:

I know waiting can be a bit frustrating, but this, like many Wrath of the Lich King topics/questions, is just too early to have an answer for.

If you want information on something soon, assuming patch 2.3 is launched next week as we announced, we should have details on patch 2.4 available in the near future. 😉



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