2.3 next Tuesday, Season 3 November 20th!

Pubblicato: 8 novembre 2007 in Giochi
Big news in regards to 2.3’s release! According to WoWInsider, 2.3 is releasing in Taiwan on November 15th,
which likely means that it will be releasing in North America on
Tuesday, November 13th and in Europe on Wednesday, November 14th.
There’s also a new PTR build going up tonight, so keep an eye out for
any possible updates on that.

UPDATE: 2.3 release on November 13th has been confirmed on the North American forums. Season 3 will be starting on November 20th, exactly one week after the release of 2.3. Thanks to GodzFire for the tip!

UPDATE #2: Melee Weapon Racials for Humans and Orcs were changed to Expertise for that specific weapon.

Melee Weapon Racial Changes

In other news, there are a few noteworthy blue posts today, so here’s a quick recap.

No major changes to Azeroth with Wrath of the Lich King.

Bornakk wrote:

While changes to the original continents are always possible, we
don’t have any current plans to make drastic changes or update any
dungeons for max level players beyond Naxxramas.

2.2 Farmer’s Broom model is a bug.

Hortus wrote:

The model in 2.2 was a bug. It has been changed back to the correct model.

Earning old PvP titles probably won’t ever be possible again.

Drysc wrote:

It’s not something we’ve made a final decision on, and we’re
definitely taking into account what the old honor rank titles mean, and
certainly what they required. As far as I’m aware they aren’t planned
to be implemented for anything yet, and we have been seriously
considering just leaving them as "legacy" type titles, leaving them
unused forever more, that not only show your participation in a
difficult PvP ranking system, but also to show you’re owld skewl. As I
said there’s been no final determination though, and if we feel there’s
a way for the titles to become available again without diminishing the
efforts of the original holders of them, we may still consider it.

Secrets in the Cities?!

Nethaera wrote:

Put see invis on and you’ll see the ghostly inhabitants of the Ruins of Lordaeron as well.

So what secrets have you found in the cities?



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