2.3 PTR: Aimed Shot changed, no more Dead Zone & more!

Pubblicato: 20 ottobre 2007 in Giochi

The PTR was updated today with a new patch. Of the notables were more changes to the hunter class. Not only was the Dead Zone removed almost completely – it’s only 4 yards now – but Aimed Shot was upgraded too. That’s not the only changes though, lots of Arena Season 3 weapons got new skins, the Paladin threat changes are in, and Rogues saw some changes to Shadowstep and Hemorrhage. Read on for images!

Hunter Aimed Shot Changed

Aimed Shot Change


Shadowstep Changed


Hemorrhage Changed


Paladin Fanaticism Changed


Season 3 Skin Changes

Vengeful Gladiator's GreatswordVengeful Gladiator's PummelerVengeful Gladiator's ShankerVengeful Gladiator's SlicerVengeful Gladiator's War StaffSeason 3 Healing & Damage 1h Mace



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